Music Never Stops Festival
                                  Music Never Stops Festival: apply now!

                                  Music Never Stops Festival: apply now!

                                  Do you have a band/duo/musical project? Are you able to record yourself performing some music? Do you want to play a gig… online and get paid? Read down below and find out how!

                                  The selection phase is officially closed! We will get in touch with the selected bands privately.

                                  What is Music Never Stops Festival?

                                  Because of the current world’ situation, the entertainment and music industries have been suffering a lot. Lots of festivals were cancelled, but that didn’t stop people from asking to be entertained. Thanks to live streaming, musicians were allowed to perform to their fans directly from their homes.
                                  We know that many of you were looking forward to the summer to play gigs, festivals or embark into tours.?That’s why we decided to give the opportunity to musicians from all over the world to play a virtual gig and get paid!

                                  You will play online!

                                  We’ll pick 5 bands that will get the opportunity to perform on our YouTube channel – and on top of that, you will also get paid your fee as if you were playing in a real location!
                                  Every band will play a 20-minutes set and will have the opportunity to reach new fans, showcase their music and get the recognition they deserve!
                                  On top of that, every band/artist/group performing will get paid 1.000€ – more infos about that on the Terms & Conditions page.?

                                  How do I send my audition?

                                  You’ll find a form below that you have to fill with all the relevant information about your musical project.
                                  Due to technical requirements, we are asking every participant to record a short audition tape / medley to showcase what you’re capable of and if you have the technical equipment to pull this off.
                                  Please upload your video to YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook and paste the link into the corresponding field in the submission form. Entries missing the audition link will not be taken into consideration.

                                  Deadline for all submissions is July 20th, 23:59:59. Hurry up!


                                  What happens next?

                                  If you’ll get selected to play, you will get in touch with one of our organisers and discuss your availability and your fee. You will subsequently be asked to send a 20 minute clip (or several clips with your songs that should be 20 min in total). ?Deadline is key here as we all want the festival to happen soon, so please be serious about it!

                                  Technical requirements

                                  We’ll accept only bands that will provide the material in a timely manner and with good audio and video quality. We’re looking at at least?Full HD videos (1080p) ?and 48 kHz /?44.1 kHz audio quality at the highest bitrate possible. The songs have to be mixed and, if possible, already mastered for the video.

                                  A few tips

                                  • use good lighting! take advantage of natural light or just use white LED lamps to achieve good results
                                  • today’s smartphone are more than capable of pulling off a 4K video, so feel free to use one if you don’t own a DSLR/Mirrorless or Digital videocamera.


                                  Ready? Fill the form and… good luck!

                                  No more submissions allowed

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                                  Simon's passion for music generated a long time ago, and led him to become a guitarist and self-produce his music with the band Onyria.


                                    Hi! Me and my band would like to participate to the festival. We have just one question: the Medley has to be a live performance or also a video assembled with cuts and different scenes?
                                    Thank you very much!
                                    Looking forward to your reply!

                                    Hi Julio,
                                    We would prefer if it was a live performance so that we can see what you are capable of in the live context. Best of luck to you and your band! //Joe

                                    Dear Thomann team,

                                    We are Cernunnos (Folk Metal from Argentina) and we love your proposal for being part of your Live Streaming! Although we have a problem with our drummer, because he doesn’t have his drums in his house but we already have his tracks recorded, we would LOVE to be part of it. Could we participate on it even we can’t send his video track?

                                    Hi Hernan,
                                    Sure, that’s totally fine, in these circumstances you have to improvise ?? Looking forward to hearing / seeing your performance! Best, //Joe

                                    Hi i am with a team of artista from guatemala, we would like to submit one of our artists. We yave a live coming up soon if it is of high definition and good sound quality could we sen u that as the submission? Does it have to he in english? The live we are doing will be fully in spanish

                                    Hi Antony,
                                    By submission do you mean audition? You could use the livestream footage as the audition but for the festival performance, that needs to be original content, never before seen / heard (like a real festival, everyone watching it should be seeing an exclusive performance for the first time). I hope that helps, good luck! And… claro que si, lo puedes hacer en cualquier idioma! //Joe

                                    Je me suis trompé de lien en envoyant le 1er formulaire alors j’ai refait mon inscription pour envoyer le bon lien de la video de l’audition , il s’agit de Notre video du medley que nous avons joués pour l’institut fran?ais de Lubumbashi à l’occasion de la fete de la musique le 21 juin dernier

                                    Hi there! Is it okay to play covers or it needs to be only original material? Thanks!

                                    Hi my name is jevon I’m from Guyana we have a video but not the link how can we send it it’s in good quality and sound too we would really like to be apart of this

                                    I’m not with a band just solo

                                    Hi , and thank you so much for this wonderful initiative to over the world music bands , hope we can reach the right conditions and we really would like to participate and give to the people audience the joy and fun moments .

                                    Again… thank you ^__^

                                    I’m a classical musician, solo pianist. Would you be interested in having some classical music performed at your festival? I will be able to present a well-rounded 20-minute recital of classical music or more.
                                    My website is

                                    Looking forward to hearing from you,

                                    We have a live video in YouTube, was a streaming test, 20min long, 3 days ago. Can we send this video as the audition?

                                    Hey, I’m a singer-songwriter, I make indie pop and alternative songs…
                                    Could I put the link to one of my songs on SoundCloud? I recorded it live, using only a mic…

                                    Hi! Just submited our audition video for Ruido!
                                    Wish us luck!

                                    Hey, I’m a singer, I make rap.
                                    Wish me luck

                                    Well I am a soloist can I participate ??

                                    WooooooooooooooooooooW… Finally here it comes… The opportunity to be a Star…??????

                                    I have live gigs already on my YouTube channel, but they are full length (over 2 hours).
                                    Should I do a specific 20minute gig to enter? Or would these gigs suffice?
                                    Thank you.
                                    Roger McGuire
                                    Irish folk singer.

                                    Ready to rock??
                                    Band from Russia. We made out 1st album in 6 languages!

                                    Hi there, I’m wondering if solo artists are allowed to participate?

                                    Hello ,
                                    This is Perfect Strangers, all the way from India and we really appreciate this wonderful opportunity you have created?
                                    We have 2 questions:
                                    1)How long do you want the audition video to be?
                                    2)Does the audition video also need to be in 1080 HD and good audio or that comes later after we get selected?
                                    We have a good collection of video live but they are shot at 720p resolution and good audio through the mixer. Will that work?
                                    Please clarify, thanks ??

                                    Hello, I have two questions. Firstly, can we also play covers or just original songs? Secondly, do they have to be uploaded on the Internet (YouTube, spotify, SoundCloud etc. ) and lastly is there any way I can send you a video privately?

                                    This is an awesome initiative guys!!

                                    Good luck for y’all with this project

                                    Greetings from NYC

                                    Can individual performers enter too or is the gig strictly for bands of more than one person. Please do reply

                                    Hello, I was wondering if we could use a cover for the audition or it can only be original content?

                                    Looking forward to be part of this

                                    Hi, would you prefer a master that’s optimized for online content (yt-, fb-optimized, etc)?

                                    I love the name of the festival. I can’t wait for this

                                    We’re ready to rock with you guys ??
                                    Brazilian Band here

                                    How about DJs? Or electronic live set?

                                    Salut !!! Acest festival este 100% LIVE ? Este destul de greu de realizat dar nu imposibil .Ne pregatim cu tot interesul pentru acest eveniment.Urmarim cu mare interes toata evolutia evenimentului.Mult succes echipei Thomann si tuturor artistilor !!!

                                    This is a great idea, and we are indeed looking forward to send you a nice video ??

                                    We are a small band from Bangalore, India, that plays traditional music of different genres, cutting across countries and cultures. We have two short queries:

                                    1) To present the different genres and overall concept, we are planning a medley of around 7-8 minutes. Hope this is fine. If it should be shorter, please let us know ??

                                    2) We were planning a good studio quality live shoot with camera lights, etc. However, we have an extraordinary situation in our town with a lock-down announced for the next 10 days. So we now we are planning to record live videos of the individual artists playing, stitch it together.
                                    This is not as much fun as doing a gig together, but I hope this will be accepted for the audition tape

                                    Will appreciate your feedback by Monday 13th. Thank you ??

                                    Would like to perform on this amazing festival but I dont have any studio recorded video of our band but we do have several live festivals video, still we can participate?

                                    I’m really excited..
                                    Let the music Break the distance between people..:)

                                    Good night, great initiate. Jah bless!

                                    First a question to clarify a very important point:
                                    – Do you want for this festival a real live streaming or a live recorded beforehand which will be broadcast?
                                    To introduce ourselves quickly, my son and I play a duet with our drum backings tracks that we created. We are preparing an album and therefore, your festival will be for us the first appearance of our group and the very first broadcast of our songs. We are with the creation of this album in a professional approach and dream only of touring and composing albums. We have our home studio, we have created a company to manage our group and we self-produce.
                                    We just discovered your ad via Instagram, and are very interested, even if we only have 7 days to prepare it, we will devote all our time to it.
                                    On this subject, we hope to have your answer as soon as possible please. Thank you for your understanding.
                                    – The second question and, not least, do you need a video demo of the same quality of editing / editing as the clip to create for the festival?
                                    This question is important because it comes at a cost to surround ourselves with a film crew for groups like us, who sail on our own funds and start in the music industry. We have a film crew, but your response will allow us to calculate the cost of this project.
                                    We sincerely thank you for your attention and understanding.
                                    Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.
                                    James TORN & Eli

                                    I will be looking forward to be hearing from you thanks.

                                    Hallo team,

                                    I just send you my music on YouTube called Angel Boy.

                                    I would love to be part of your 20 min live streaming concert.

                                    Kind regards,


                                    Hello – I intend to submit our material – we already have video recordings of our live concert performances that will serve as the audition material and meet the quality requirements.

                                    However, I wanted to clarify if you specifically needed a medley for the audition or if a multiple links with individual songs suffice? Our youtube channel and socials will have all of our other live performance recordings which we will be submitting as part of your form.

                                    If a medley is absolutely required we will have to edit one together that brings various performances into one video recording.

                                    Hello! About the music never stops festival, in the requirements for the medley, what do you mean with “short video”, how long can it be the duration of the medley?

                                    Hello Thomann!

                                    At the moment I am doing my own solo project and during the lockdown period have recorded a number of original tunes… i filmed myself multitracking the songs playing guitar, bass, hand pan and some percussion… would you accept this even if it is not a live performance as such? What you see in the videos is me playing each instrument take.

                                    Mant thanks, hope to hear from you soon


                                    Hi, can we use google drive link for audition submission?

                                    Hi, Just sent in our audition tape for my band @walkingdownessex, hope you enjoy the blues and funk rock and roll vibe. would love to be apart of your guys performance.

                                    I applied but only heard about this on the deadline. My songs are good and the audio quality is good but the video quality of my audition video isn’t that good because it’s a screen recording from my Instagram since I accidentally deleted the original video. In the original the colours are much brighter and I have good natural lighting so the quality of the video on the YouTube live would be much better. Just wanted to make you aware, thanks xx

                                    Hey is it correct that there is no confirmation e-mail? As in we’re not supposed to receive some e-mail saying ‘Thank you for your submission”? We didn’t get one anyhow, was wondering if our submission came through correctly.

                                    Never Been To Berlin

                                    Just send our music. From Portugal KARMA-COLA.
                                    How do we know if it get there correctly?

                                    Hello, thank you for this opportunity.
                                    Please tell me kindly when we know Which five bands will perform and when ?
                                    Thank You.

                                    Love and respect, our team submitted the relevant requested material on July 20. Please advise as to the selection process specifically the date when the festival should make their selection of the five bands.

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