Updated info about visiting Thomann in Treppendorf

                                  Updated info about visiting Thomann in Treppendorf

                                  Dear customers and guests,

                                  In this blog article you always get the latest information for your next visit to our shop and the t.kitchen in Treppendorf.

                                  Our shop is open for you as usual and it can be tested in all departments. There are special rules for testing products in certain product groups. There may be waiting times in the guitar department, especially on Saturdays. Below you will find all the information in detail:

                                  General information

                                  The well-known distance and hygiene rules also apply to us. This includes, for example, the obligation to wear a mask for all customers in the shop, in goods issue and in repair acceptance. We ask you to be considerate and respectful to each other. ?

                                  Product testing ????

                                  We are delighted that we can now provide you with all product groups for testing again. Wind instruments can be tested individually in separate rooms. Please call the department beforehand and get advice. Unfortunately, microphones can currently only be tested with a mask. ??

                                  Waiting times in the guitar department ??

                                  In our largest and most-visited department, the guitar department, there may be longer waiting times on Saturdays. We have set up a pager system to regulate admission to the department if necessary. Our recommendation: Visit us during the week if possible or come early on Saturday so that time is not too short.

                                  The t.kitchen cafeteria ??

                                  The t.kitchen, our restaurant and cafeteria for employees and customers, is currently open for take away orders only, so that your physical well-being is taken care of. There is a wide range of hot and cold dishes, hot and cold drinks and snacks to take away. Of course, the general distance and hygiene rules also apply here.

                                  Thanks for your cooperation! We look forward to your visit to Treppendorf. Stay healthy!

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                                  Your Thom?nner ??

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                                  Joe started playing the guitar when he was 10 and has been using it as a songwriting tool ever since. He is passionate about melody and harmony and admires musicians who create these in unique ways. Check out his alternative / indie projects Best of Feelings and Zef Ra?ek.

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