Behringer Poly D


                                  4-Voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

                                  • 37 Full-size velocity-sensitive keys
                                  • 4-Voice polyphonic design with mono-, unison- and polyphonic mode
                                  • 4 Analogue VCOs with triangular-, sawtooth- and pulse waveforms
                                  • Noise generator with white and pink noise
                                  • 24 dB Ladder filter with resonance
                                  • Switchable low pass-/high-pass filter
                                  • Analogue LFO with square-/ triangular waveforms
                                  • 2 ADS envelope for VCF and VCA
                                  • Analogue BBD stereo chorus
                                  • Integrated distortion with tone control
                                  • 32-Step sequencer
                                  • Arpeggiator
                                  • Pitch- and modulation wheel
                                  • Adjustable control panel and 84 controls for intuitive operation
                                  • Includes an external power supply (12 V DC)
                                  • Suitable optional cover: Art.493960 (not included)


                                  • Balanced stereo output: 2x 6.3 mm jack
                                  • Adjustable stereo headphone output: 6.3 mm jack
                                  • External audio input: 6.3 mm jack
                                  • Inputs for V-trigger, modulation, pitch-CV, filter & loudness: 6.3 mm jack
                                  • Sync In/Out: 6.3 mm jack
                                  • Outputs for V-trigger, pitch, velocity and aftertouch: 6.3 mm jack
                                  • MIDI In/Out/Thru
                                  • USB-B port
                                  • DImensions: 647 x 89 x 360 mm (W x H x D)

                                  Further Information

                                  Number Of Keys 37
                                  Touch-Sensitive Yes
                                  Aftertouch Yes
                                  Split Zones No
                                  Modulation Wheel Yes
                                  Number of simultaneous Voices 4
                                  Sound Engine Analogue
                                  MIDI interface In, Out, Thru
                                  Storage Medium None
                                  USB-port Yes
                                  Effects Chorus
                                  Arpeggiator Yes
                                  Number of Analog Outputs 2
                                  Digital Output No
                                  Display No

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                                  Behringer Poly D
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                                  Behringer Poly D
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                                  A dream instrument
                                  Dave Saxon, 03.06.2020
                                  I am a keyboard player in a prog rock band with an influence from ELP, early Genesis, Floyd, etc. Have been using digital synths so far, as the majority of the music is Hammond based anyway, despite I have always wanted to have a Minimoog Model D but that is way too expensive. Have been thinking of Behringer's Model D but then I have heard they bringing out the Poly D soon!

                                  Man, it was worth the wait. This little synth just arrived yesterday and I am totally in love. I am still just scratching the surface of its capabilities and I am sure I will love it even more later with some experience.

                                  - unbelievably precise recreation of the original sound. Fat, juicy, analog sound as it has to be. The added CHORUS feature is AWESOME. I know some people are arguing that but it makes the classic fat sound even more brutal.
                                  - price is a bargain compared to other synths in this cathegory
                                  - it looks nice, the build quality is first class in this range
                                  I cannot write much in the Cons section other than a more detailed user's manual would be ace (how to tune the oscillators, etc), and that the action of the keyboard is a little bit stiff compared to other synths I have. But I will get used to it I am sure.
                                  Behringer did an outstanding job here, and I will be their enthusiastic supporter from now on.

                                  I have to add, the guys at THOMANN did an amazing job again with the pro communication, and the ultra fast delivery. I will continue to be your faithful customer in the future!
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                                  Buster Grüv, 19.07.2020
                                  Slaps like a

                                  This unit packs a lot of punch, especially for the price.

                                  I would love to have an original Model D just a much as you, but I don't have a third kidney to auction off - so to be able to get a sensible modern take on a classic is a fortunate opportunity.

                                  Sonically, it really hits the spot and when driven through the external input it's a meaty experience. Chorus is a nice feature, however on 2 there is an overt warble , maybe a bit too much. For leads and bass it clears the floor, and fits for many different genres and playing styles.

                                  As with any analogue synth it does sound best after warming up for half an hour to a couple of hours . For some real fun, turn the Glide all the way up, and switch to Unison mode; then just as you turn the synth on, just a few chords and riffs will provide instant hilarity and have you saying 'Portamento Gosh!'. Lead lines at such a time sound similar to a Big Room EDM monster slowly being toppled, and who doesn't wanna know what that sounds like?

                                  As has been documented, the Poly mode is not truly polyphonic, and it's a bit dodgy all in all in this department, notes here there and everywhere and I stay away from it altogether.

                                  Generally, the sequencer is a positive extra touch, it's a bit fiddly to get to grips with, but once done it's a fantastic feature.

                                  Behringer's Synth Tool is a must to calibrate the Poly D, some of the default settings will not be to taste for everyone.

                                  As default, the Poly D is set to be the Master Clock of a MIDI chain, and not to receive clock signal from other devices (drum machine/sequencer) via MIDI. However, after plunging it into Synth Tool I was able to change that quickly. I haven't quite worked out how to write sequences using synth tool yet, and although the sequencer could use a little update so one might be able to edit with a bit more intricacy.

                                  Overall, you can't go wrong with this unit.

                                  P.S -- Uli, if you're reading this, please can you make patch sheets/maybe an online thing like 20 Patch (For the MS-20), but for the Poly D? Thx
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                                  Amazing synth for the price.
                                  Theelectricmikeorchestra, 04.05.2020
                                  Essentially the Moog clone but with extra features, such as the Juno style Chorus, sequencer and distortion.
                                  I've played the real thing and honestly unless you are nit picking about the exact shape of the filter or waveshapes (and I have seen youtube videos of people that have) you are going to be happy with this unit.
                                  The first thing I did was change the pitch wheel down to a tone from it's default octave setting, and it was a breeze to interface the unit with the software, I had a quick look at the sequencing side with the software and that all looks great, though I don't really use it for that.
                                  I wasn't expecting the distortion setting to sound that great, but actually it's pretty good for the unit. The chorus is a fairly faithful representation of the Juno 60 chorus (I have one and tested them against each other). It has the same character, but the stereo modulation is way more prominent in the Behringher, I feel like they overdid it a bit, perhaps on purpose I don't know.
                                  The unit's midi in & out are all good, I noticed another user mentioned it not working, but that must be a one off or user error as that's all good.
                                  Build quality feels great, the polyphonic glide is SO COOL.
                                  If you have trouble keeping the oscillators in tune, yeah that happens with the moog as well. I honestly don't know why they didn't go a bit further and add a coarser tuning feature that would have been able to go up to a 5th, but I guess they are trying to keep it as close to the original as possible.
                                  I'm using this thing ALL the time, a VST just doesn't come close to having a real unit like this!
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                                  Excellent Moog Clone but....
                                  techygeezer, 26.03.2020
                                  This is a truly remarkable instrument for the money - looks great, sounds great, is beautifully made and almost perfect in every way except as soon as you send MIDI synch through USB or DIN the unit locks up and plays nothing! MIDI out: fine, MIDI in: broken.

                                  I tried every possible set up/configuration to make this work but finished up returning the synth for a refund!

                                  I am very disappointed as I love this thing and miss it already. Once this problem is fixed, I will re-purchase it asap.

                                  Have to say Thomann's delivery and return service is 2nd to none. Thanks guys.
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                                  Available immediately
                                  Available immediately

                                  This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately.

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