Presonus Eris E5


                                  Active Studio Monitor Set

                                  • 5.25" (133 mm) woofer with Kevlar cone
                                  • 1"(25 mm) tweeter with silk cone
                                  • Power: Class AB power amplifiers with 45 / 35 W
                                  • Frequency range: 53 - 22,000 Hz
                                  • Gain control
                                  • Input impedance: 10 kOhm
                                  • Mid-range controls: Peak EQ, 1 kHz, +/- 6 dB
                                  • Treble controls: Cow tail filter, 4.5 kHz, +/- 6 dB
                                  • Switchable highpass filter: 80 Hz - 100 Hz
                                  • Acoustic-Space switch: -2 dB, -4 dB
                                  • Crossover frequency: 3 kHz
                                  • Maximum continuous SPL 102 dB
                                  • Input: XLR and jack (balanced) and RCA (unbalanced)
                                  • Shielded against RF interference
                                  • Switch-on delay
                                  • Output current limiting
                                  • Overheating, transient and subsonic protection circuit
                                  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 178 x 198 x 260 mm
                                  • Weight: 4.63 kg
                                  • Includes: 2 Monitors (1 pair)

                                  Further Information

                                  Speaker size 1x 5,25"
                                  Amplifier power per unit (RMS) 70 W
                                  Magnetic Shielding No
                                  Analogue XLR Input Yes
                                  Analogue Input (Jack) Yes
                                  Analogue Input (Mini Jack) No
                                  Analogue Input (RCA) Yes
                                  Digital input No
                                  Manual frequency correction Yes

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                                  Those are my new favorites for both mixing/production and enjoying music!
                                  fommof, 28.04.2020
                                  OK, so I was looking to buy a pair of studio monitors primarily for mixing/tracking/production of my own music and secondarily for a neutral medium with which I could fine tune my modeler's presets and maybe enjoy music through them.

                                  Mind that since 2006 I've been listening to music through studio monitors and not hifi speakers and that my old 5" Tascam monitors had gone south, I wanted to keep the budget as low as possible as although I could afford speakers with three times the price, I am not a pro and nowadays I am very practical; just buy something that would do the job and be done with it instead of chasing your own tail.

                                  I read a lot, I listened to some comparisons and I pulled the trigger and bought those and paired them with my Behringer UMC404HD (yet another excellent product that beats products with double the price, but that's another story).

                                  I get anything from zero to some hiss but that depends on the room I use them and the outlet configuration so I know it's not the speakers that may or will cause any hiss (always TRS connection and volume set on max). So, that's that.

                                  I use them in untreated 12-20 square meter rooms, volume wise there is no way you will ever need more volume than they can provide even if you want to throw a small party in the house (50 square meters).

                                  In terms of acoustic treatment, there are at least 3 different settings you can adjust to make things sound right (either by ear or by taking measurements and go from there) but to be honest I only set the bass freqs to -2db as no matter the room, I place them relatively close to the walls (less than 20cm, that is) so that's what gives me the most balanced sound in terms of bass frequencies, but ymmv.

                                  Now, the most important part, the frequencies themselves. There are dozens if not hundreads of monitor speakers out there that are supposed to be flat but they are all different. The trick here is to pick the ones that fits your work in terms of sound fidelity, if you can, and if you own more than one set of monitors so you can cross-reference (different brands/models) that's great too. I find the E5's very balanced, not mid heavy than some of the star monitors out there, not high heavy and not bass heavy either (always by my standards, again, ymmv).

                                  OK, now for the the bass freqs comment since most people out there may think that 5" monitors can't cope with those. Let me put it this way, If you love super accentuated bass freqs, and I am talking about freqs that don't even exist on an original recording (no matter if it's your creation or someone else's) then for your own good just forget all about studio/reference monitors and just buy big HiFi speakers, you will be more happy with that choice. If you are instrested in listening excactly or close enough of what has been recorded and your room is not humongous and you are after a nearfield pair of monitors, then the 5" ones will do just fine and in some cases way better than most of the bigger ones. And if your music consists of sub-bass freqs just look for something else (studio moniors + subwoofer, bigger studio monitors etc.).

                                  The music I record comes from electric guitars and all of them are tuned in standard D, electric bass with 55-110 strings tuned in standard D etc. I can hear everything on the E5's and pretty much as they were recorded. In fact as I am writting this review, I am listening to some Miles Davis mid fifties music and I can hear the uptight bass loud and clear (and that's with -2db on the bass freqs due to speaker placement).

                                  Now, a funny, story, a week after I bough these I invited a dear friend of mine which not only happens to be a professional musician but he also has a recording studio and does recordings/mixing/productions for a living. He owns several studio monitors and not the ones you will find for less than 1000 bucks. So, I told him to check the sound balance because I was a bitt worried about the placement etc. He played through them a few of his songs that he had mixed with his superpro gear just a few weeks before. Within the first seconds he found a few flaws of his mixing that had to do with the drum case! Then we played quite a few of studio recordings of other artists and he just gave me a thumbs up while he was scratching his head about the price. Funny, isn't it?

                                  All in all, sorry but no, the E5's are not the "bestest" of all, there is no such thing. They are VERY balanced and sure a pair of HS5's (more mid and high heavy in my opinion) or 305's (somewhere between the E5's and HS5's in my opinion) may suit you more but those have the best balance for what I do.

                                  I'll be ordering another pair of these for my living room which is where I record (not mix) my music, listen to music, watching movied etc. as I moved them and tried them just to see what they could do and I just love them! That way I would be able to set the guitars and bass sound before the actual recording to properly fit in future mixes (instead of recording first with a particular sound and then EQ it to death to make it sit and cut in a mix).

                                  In conclusion, If you'll be working in relatively small rooms, you don't want to break the bank and your main focus is on mixing/tracking/production (as long as you don't care about sub-bass frequencies) then those should be one of the first candindates.
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                                  Low pride and height quality studio monitors.
                                  max_shulz, 14.01.2020
                                  Advantages: Perfect price/quality ratio. Wide possibilities for adjusting to the size of the room and the location of monitors in the space. The middle does not fail, and the low frequencies are enough to tune the bass sounds. The small size allows you to use them even in home studios. Fully justifies the stated characteristics. The metal grid in front of the tweeter allows you to hear high frequencies honestly, without clicking where they are not.
                                  What upset me a little at first is the low-frequency speaker is smaller than the claimed 5.25 inches. Of course, judging by the size of the diffuser (which turned out to be 4.5 inches), the speaker, along with its mount, will just be 5.25 inches in diameter, but this spoiled my first impression. After checking all the stated frequencies were confirmed and about the size of the diffuser, I stopped thinking.
                                  The midrange controller on the back panel, in my opinion, manages not the most successful range. I needed to lower the middle quite a bit, taking into account the peculiarities of my room, but along with the" extra " frequencies, some of the high ones were gone. I had to put it in the original position and take into account the small "middle" of the sound.
                                  Comment: Despite the shortcomings, I really liked this model of monitors. The ability to adjust to the room - this is the biggest plus of all Presonus monitors. This particular model I recommend to those who are just starting to engage in sound engineering. But personally, I do not intend to say goodbye to them in the future, as the monitors of the near field, they showed themselves very well. Finally, given the customization options, they can also be used as household speakers, if necessary.
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                                  Erik Gelfat, 21.07.2020
                                  These Monitors I bought for home studio, to record a one-man band, and these are just great!

                                  The monitors give you versatile options, like cutoff at certain DB, Acoustic Space, lows, mids, highs, input, different inputs, it's great.

                                  - Very intuitive for beginners and non-beginners, everything is explained with clarity, for example, Acoustic space is explained with pictures of monitor placements.
                                  - Slick design, I guess this one is subjective, but the matt black with vinyl blue and acoustic cut at the bottom is very pleasing to the eye, and the indicator that there is power when the PreSonus light up in blue is useful and looking great at the same time.
                                  - The sound is clear and powerful, I can make all my neighborhood enjoy my music (or not ): ), but the clarity is what important, the fact that you have so much control you can make it as close to what intended as you need.
                                  - Different inputs, you can connect it to pretty much anything from your studio, you have Balanced XLR, Balanced TRS, and unbalanced RCA which is I unfortunately use because of the Focusrite 2nd gen outputs, but to be honest, I couldn't hear something hissing or interfering with RCA, could be luck but the point is that you have options.

                                  - it very individually designed, if you buy a pair, which is what you should do, you need to control both of them, even if the controls should be the same pretty much, the most bothering one is turning them on and off, you need to individually turn the switch off.
                                  - Cheap rubber feet, it's cool you have the option to remove them if you want to have isolating pads or connect them to a wall or ceiling but they are just cheap rubber stickers, which if you have bad coordination you will stick them not carefully and they will sit not straight.
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                                  Good pair of speakers for the price
                                  emirunalan, 28.10.2019
                                  I'm a music producer and I was looking for a pair of speaker to use for mixing and when I get tired of headphones when writing music. I use them in my bedroom studio. My room is approximately 10 m2 so was looking for about 5" speakers. The balance between frequencies is not perfect, a little bit darker for decent speakers but lets be honest, you can buy only one speaker for that price. If you consider their price, the sound is the best you can get. Also I used Yamaha HS5 before and i prefer Eris. The connection options are really good. You have plenty of options. You can connect to your source via XLR, TRS or RCA. Also they are looking really good on top of my desk.
                                  Price (Obliously, the best pair of speakers you can get for this price range)
                                  Suitable for small rooms
                                  They are sounding great
                                  Clear enough for mixing
                                  They look really good

                                  A bit dark sound for pro use

                                  Would I recommend them? Ofcourse I would. For this price range you can not find better pair of speakers in my opinion. But be sure your room is treated otherwise you can not have a flat response regardless of which speaker you use.
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                                  Available immediately

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